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Here’s a snippet of unraveling food rules on Friday:

Food Rule: Sugar is just Like Cocaine

Where Does This Rule Come From:

AHHH!!! if I hear one more bullshit line about “carbs are bad” or “I’m addicted to sugar” I’m going to crack (no pun intended)! 

The truth of it all:

When we eat food, our body produces dopamine, serotonin, and a bunch of other awesome feel-good hormones to tell our bodies “Cool. This is a good thing.”

We’re supposed to eat food. We’re supposed to like it! Because after all this is how we’ve survived as a species for millions of years! 

Okay, now that that’s out of the way.  Let’s talk about carbs. Specifically- simple sugars. Our bodies LOVE carbs. In fact- it is literally the fuel that our brains LIVE ON! 

No sugar = crappy brain function. and sometimes dead.  The end.  

However, diet culture has duped us into thinking that sugars are the ultimate enemy.  We feel “out of control” with sugars. Like once we start we just cant stop. 

Why? Well… some of us are in a constant state of deprivation. ESPECIALLY those limiting sugars!  Our body actually has a VERY SPECIAL adaptation when we restrict carbs (also known as sugar). It’s called neuropeptide Y. This literally causes sugar cravings in periods of deprivation.  

This is because: 

  1. Sugars are the body’s preferred source of energy.
  2. Our body knows that sometimes carbohydrate-rich foods are also high in fats which the body needs if it’s starving.
  3. Mental and physical restrictions ALWAYS cause feelings that we’re lacking control over food. We will then feel the urge to binge on said food.

Looking for some other science behind why when we cut things out of our diet or try to shrink our body the weight just KEEPS COMING BACK!  Check out this blog post on weight loss rebound. 

Why Does It Suck:

Yes. You may feel addicted to sugar.  Because your body isn’t getting enough!  This is not called “addiction” but rather “nutrition.”

Depriving sugar more will NOT HELP you kick it out of your life. In fact, it will escalate the issue of feeling “out of control” tenfold if sugar is ever in your presence. 

It’s also important to know that YES!!!!  SUGAR IS LIKE COCAINE in some ways. Most notably because it produces a rush of feel-good hormones in the body.  

Guess what else produces a rush of serotonin and dopamine in the body: HUGS! 

Sugar is just like cocaine. And so are hugs.  

If you were deprived of all psychical contact with other humans, you may feel an overwhelming urge to engage to just get a hug or pat on the back.

Guess what else: It’s OKAY to feel good. Whether it’s a hug or sugar, these critical and biologically necessary elements of life are a must-have.

Until Next time my friends.