I’m one of those crunchy folks. I believe in making food go further, caring for earths creatures, and recycling is my middle name. I also live in a tree house (just kidding. Sustainable was the word I was looking for).
holiday wellness tips ensure you stay on track with your health goal
Celebrating this time of year Is a must for many. Happy holidays-by the way! But who made the rule we can’t party without divulging into a giant plate of regret.
childs hand purchasing red fruit with plant baed diet grocery list icon
On A mission to live plant based? This plant based diet grocery list can get you started moving in the right direction. Bringing you easy vegan shopping.
vegan crock pot chili made from plants
It is quite the feat when we see plants begin to conquer the space of the Con Carne signature entree. Meet Plant-Based Chili, a humble stew with bold beginnings. 
Ditch diet culture
What is Diet Culture? On any given day- I'm that girl dilly dallying or in cahoots with my favorite Italian entree or the largest slice of chocolate cake you've ever seen. Can I have some ice cream with that please?  At 32 years, I am confident about my food choices.  But that doesn't mean I didn't spend 32 years getting to know diet culture and its demeaning tone on a first name basis!Diet culture, like any culture, is a groups shared system of beliefs and customs.You and I experience culture daily. Most of us exist within many cultures- including
If only produce could speak, we might hear “we can reduce your risk of developing cancer by close to 50%,” or “we can help reduce your blood pressure by piling on the fiber to bring that nasty cholesterol back to your liver to be put to good use.”  But food can’t talk.  Fresh produce cannot speak in so many words.  However, that doesn’t stop the inside aisles from boasting the glory of their wonder-work synthetic concoctions all over the grocery through hyped up advertisement.