fresh tacos on a plate
Is it taco Tuesday but you're a little bit too vegan?  Do you feel like you're wasting your life way waitin' on a sombrero in the corner to resume its rightful position?  A garden fresh taco is the easy solution for all your vegan blues. 
Eat For Life
In America, we are experiencing longer lifespans than ever before.  While the longevity of our life-spans is at an all time high, quality of life cannot keep up with the pace.  People are living sicker longer, and diseases of affluence are plaguing the nation.
Welcome to today’s episode of “I bought one of those giant bulk bags of sweet potatoes with the fantasy of saving a couple bucks. Now there’s 10 taters 2 days short of sprouting hairs on their spuds!”
Give Scraps a Second Chance Those beautiful larger leafs that gently cradle the innards of the cabbage ball are those most likely doomed to a miserable death for the common consumer. Ukrainian cabbage rolls, or sometimes referred to as guluptsie,  evolved of the idea of utilizing every element of the plant-including cooking with the outer cabbage leaves.  Outer cabbage leaves get a bad rep.  They're defiant in their accessibility (If you don't peel off that cabbage head in one piece now i'm using this entire ball of madness for softball practice this afternoon!) They often take the brute of
What Can I Eat For Breakfast on A Plant Based Diet? There are a few common themes I have noticed in my years of nutrition counseling when it comes to breakfast.  The first is that the practice is altogether absent.  The second is that breakfast has become the most stagnant meal of the day ("yea I had a pop tart. again.")  I am happy to report- A plant based smoothie is even more user friendly than a pop tart!  frozen berries for plant based smoothie Are There Rules For Creating a Perfect Smoothie? I'm pretty clear with people about
Do you have visions of heat waves emanating from your lips as you plunge your chip into a heaping dish of fiery plants? Are you taste buds begging for some excitement?  Look no further, this jalapeno salsa is your one stop shop for a kick in the pants fiesta.  
What if I told you the best way to feed your mind was through food- not some philosophical jargon! What we put into our body is what influences our mind. In fact, food is the very vitality allowing our mind to function at all!
food waste facts by a dietitian
Eat your food! The moment this mantra screams in my head, I picture Napoleon Dynamite Tossing a healthy portion of slop at his defiant llama Tina. For those of you who haven’t seen this gem of a film, my apologies. Spoiler alert- Tina doesn’t eat it.
plant based snacking
Looking to go plant based but scared of the price tag? Plant based snacking is not only affordable, its a good way to keep up a nutrient packed diet!