Artichoke Pesto SAuce
Us musicians have an ongoing joke.  As long as we're sporting a guitar, "You'll never have to go hungry, but you'll have to work for your dinner."  Well that's all fine if it gives me an excuse to jam out some Joplin for a bit, but when it comes to too much time in the kitchen that's a hard pass!
My heart broke a little bit when I first heard the news in order to call myself a vegan, my pal cheese and I had to say goodbye. Stubborn in my ambition, I created this coconut milk mac and cheese to symbolize in actuality-all things are possible with vegan!
salad with mango dressing
Somewhere in the land of virtual space there's a woman smiling ecstatically at a heap of lettuce on a fork like it just told her the funniest joke she's ever heard.   
Welcome to today’s episode of “I bought one of those giant bulk bags of sweet potatoes with the fantasy of saving a couple bucks. Now there’s 10 taters 2 days short of sprouting hairs on their spuds!”
I’m one of those crunchy folks. I believe in making food go further, caring for earths creatures, and recycling is my middle name. I also live in a tree house (just kidding. Sustainable was the word I was looking for).
I was mind blown to this scrumptious entree was in fact- created with a potato.   Today we'll learn about:  -Getting vegan gnocchi the right texture -Variations in cooking style -Common mistakes when making gnocchi -How to actually use it in a meal! 
fruit in a pita pocket
A traditional pita might be filled with cheeses, meats, and veggies.  But we're going vegan style here!
The nice (and lets admit a little frightening) thing about chicken is- it's very easy to dress up as an imposter!   Haven't you ever heard the term "tastes like chicken" which tends to be all inclusive for food choices that in all reality we're actually just unsure of how to describe the taste? 
Sandwich, chickpea, and avocado
Remember when lunch time was the coolest hour of the day?  It still can be! Get ready to indulge in the best sammie you've ever put in your mouth. Period.  I created this chickea mash sammie out of desperation for vegan driven lunches on the go that didn't SUCK!  It exceeded expectations! 
The thing about us vegans is- we like to keep things as lazy and simple as possible. Thus we coined the term “nooch” sauce to avoid the tongue fumble “nutritional yeast sauce,” which is what “nooch sauce” really is.
What if I told you you could have your cake and eat it too? Or in this case these ooey gooey fudgy nibbles  created from the perfect from-scratch vegan brownies mix!
It's probably difficult to imagine yourself at the beach missing your favorite sticky snack so nicely packaged in its edible sugary shell. It was for me too.  That's why I invented this pumpkin nice cream- for the those scorching days when the promises of vegan suddenly started to look draining!
veggies on slate
Ease Into a Vegan Diet Where Do I start When Going Vegan? Are you a junkie for all things green? Does a steak on the plate leave your psyche and stomach a little less than satisfied?  If so- these simple goal ideas for going plant based that will fit you just right! Whether you're planning to jump into a full fledged vegan lifestyle or simply taste the waters, I've got your back! 1. Take Time to Ease Into Your Vegan Diet Let's face it, the majority of our food infastructure is littered with convenience products that offer food fast and
tahini pasta
"I'm a little pea... I love the sky and the trees." Or so says Anthony Kimdis of legendary Red Hot Chili Peppers.  If you get my reference here- you'll know how wack that song  (titled Pea) actually is. The point of this ridiculous reference - Is that one can be small but mighty.