Remember that time you wasted all of your collective bargaining power arguing with a 4 year old about a piece of broccoli?  Years of debate team all summed up into one real time episode of "the biggest loser," -you. Read more
salad with mango dressing
Somewhere in the land of virtual space there's a woman smiling ecstatically at a heap of lettuce on a fork like it just told her the funniest joke she's ever heard. Read more
Using a food pantry can sometimes seem a bit like navigating foreign terrain. In a way, a food bank is a little like that infamous box of chocolates Forrest Gump is constantly referencing.  You never know what you're going to get. Read more
Welcome to today’s episode of “I bought one of those giant bulk bags of sweet potatoes with the fantasy of saving a couple bucks. Now there’s 10 taters 2 days short of sprouting hairs on their spuds!” Read more
I’m one of those crunchy folks. I believe in making food go further, caring for earths creatures, and recycling is my middle name. I also live in a tree house (just kidding. Sustainable was the word I was looking for). Read more
There is nothing more reassuring to me that life is good than a bowl of soup so comforting your heart could take a nap in it. This garden curry is Thai inspired mingled with an Italian afterthought. Read more
fresh tacos on a plate
Is it taco Tuesday but you're a little bit too vegan?  Do you feel like you're wasting your life way waitin' on a sombrero in the corner to resume its rightful position?  A garden fresh taco is the easy solution for all your vegan blues. Read more
Eat For Life
In America, we are experiencing longer lifespans than ever before.  While the longevity of our life-spans is at an all time high, quality of life cannot keep up with the pace.  People are living sicker longer, and diseases of affluence are plaguing the nation. Read more
Ukrainian Cabbage Rolls Give Scraps a Second Chance Those beautiful larger leafs that gently cradle the innards of the cabbage ball are those most likely doomed to a miserable death for the common consumer. Ukrainian cabbage rolls, or sometimes referred to as guluptsie,  evolved of the idea of utilizing every element of the plant-including cooking […] Read more
What Can I Eat For Breakfast on A Plant Based Diet? There are a few common themes I have noticed in my years of nutrition counseling when it comes to breakfast.  The first is that the practice is altogether absent (which ironically often comes as a surprise to patients when I ask the question “what […] Read more