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Some Ways I Can Support You In Eating Disorder Recovery

  • Sharing a meal together in a conductive environment.  Either my office, via Telehealth, or in a social setting. 
  • Share a meal with you and your family with professional guidance. 
  • Grocery support.  Practicing selecting foods based on needs and desires vs. disordered rules and nutrition labels. Shopping in a timely manner rather than focusing excessively on details. 
  • Practice mindful eating.  Understand cues for emotional eating and identifying hunger and fullness. 
  • Food exposure therapy.  Approach fear foods with support. 

Working with a registered dietitian can serve as an integral part of therapy for individuals suffering from disordered eating.

Eating disorder treatment can involve many layers, and may mandate varying levels of care depending on severity the eating disorder.

Individuals seeking eating disorder treatment should ALWAYS work concurrently with a mental health professional and physician to create an effective treatment planning addition to a nutrition professional.