Holiday Wellness Tips- Balancing the Plate
holiday wellness tips ensure you stay on track with your health goal

Holiday Wellness Tips- Balancing the Plate

Holiday Welleness and a Good Time Can go Hand and Hand.

Celebrating this time of year Is a must for many. Happy holidays-by the way! But who made the rule we can’t party without divulging into a giant plate of regret. Who laid out the rules that holiday wellness and a good time are not synonymous? I”m here to challenge that notion today.

Let’s get real. Many people gain an average of 1-2 lbs through the holiday season. This extra little bit to love is theirs to keep after the lights come off the tree and the snow melts away. 1-2 lbs is really not so big of a deal, one may ponder.  However, add this up over several consecutive years and we’ve got a real dilemma. So, let’s start with a plan. I can help with that

The holidays are loaded with the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to the foods and beverages we consume. We may share family and travel pursuits with those who aren’t quite as amped up to keep up healthy habits as ourselves. Whatever you do, don’t panic! 

relaxing with a cup of coffee paired with pumpkin pie promoting holiday wellness.
Relax and be Well this Holiday Season.
berries and yogurt breakfast with scattered strawberries
Breakfast is Key for Holiday Wellness

Eating-The Best Tip for Holiday Wellness.

No matter what the season looks like on the horizon, we all share one common theme: food. If you’re looking to achieve optimal holiday wellness, the  ONLY way to achieve that is through eating food!  Let me repeat this: We MUST eat to be well. I think this is such a simple concept, it’s often the first thing we forget.So here’s my basic wellness tips for the holidays for you when it comes to eating: 

  • First off- You should do it! Eating that is. And you should do it all day long.  Not just when the turkey or ham is on the table. Nobody is going to feel their best or hec even be polite on the last hour a self inflicted 6-8 hour torture fast. i’m going to venture to say the  poor malnourished sap is to blame for half of those family feuds!
  • Don’t wait to put it on your plate! It’s amazing that the holidays seem to be the one day a year we forget the biological instincts of being a human being.  Eat when you’re hungry, not because the clock says its 3p.m.  or 5p.m. Do you wait for the clock to strike 10 to use the bathroom when you really have to go? I hope not! So why do it with food!
  • Love it or leave it.   Holiday wellness is all about having the best.  So if you put it on your plate but its less than the best when you put it gets into the belly- by all means leave it there! My favorite reference for this one is the little Italian fellow on Ratatouille who states “I don’t like food. I LOVE food. If I don’t love it-I don’t swallow.” Wear him on your shoulder today. 


Fine Food and Wellness Guidelines to Follow on Holidays

 1)  Keep up your activity routine. Holidays do not need to exist stagnant. Build holiday wellness into your routine by building in a time for movement.

2)     Be that guy that contributes the goods. Or gal. but really-what’s the harm in bringing the veggie tray or low calorie option to the party? This helps everyone develop good habits for holiday well-being.

3)     When the holiday is over, don’t let it linger! Enjoy your day, and then move on to the next. Send treats home with others. Or freeze them. Or toss them. 

4)     Socialize away from the table! You may not have seen the other guests in months, or years! Focus the party on people. Food is just a part of it, not the other way around. 

5) No matter what she tells you don’t owe grandma Betty anything. Especially a pity bite of pie when you’re filled to the brim or its just not that great.  Just smile and politely say “no thank you.” You might be surprised when the world doesn’t collapse and the gossip continues right along without you. 

6) Take turns alternating out alcohol with water if you choose to drink. Also- stay hydrated before and after the event.  Nothing kills holiday wellness like a pounding headache the next day and 700 unintentional calories from a bottle. 

7)Sleep well. Inadequate sleep is the first key to overeating. Stick to your normal bed time routine if possible.

woman in yellow jacket walking with small child in pink jacket in fall weather
Continue Regular Physical Activities for Holiday Wellness
Leaves with give thanks lettering
Focus on the Festivities Not Food

Stop Worrying About the Scale!

Nothing ruins a good time like repeating to yourself (and maybe even others)  about how “bad” you’re being, or the way your choices are impacting your big bad diet.  

Instead- I encourage you to worry about only one scale this holiday season- the hunger fullness scale. Unlike other scales- the hunger fullness scale doesn’t pass judgement or call you dirty  numbers. Okay, in all realness neither does the digital scale. However, our perception of the numbers just might! We are usually our own worst enemy when it comes to obsessing over our physical mass instead of having a good time!

Throughout the meal ask yourself: How hungry on am I on a scale of 1-10? A 1 would mean you are ravenous.  A 10 would mean you’re physically sick from fullness. We too often exist at only one of these extremes on holidays.  Don’t be that fool! Practice optimal holiday wellness and try to stay between a 4-7 through the day. 

Holidays can be a stressful time of year for many amidst all of the joy they are intended to bring.  This can be especially true surrounding food choices.  It doesn’t have to be this way. What are some of your tried and true holiday wellness tips when it comes to the plate, excercise, or mental welfare? 

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