Eating Disorders For Dietitians

Are you a dietitian getting ready to start your private practice? Are you a provider passionate about working with people affected by an eating disorder?

You probably feel overwhelmed with:

  • Knowing how to keep your patient recovering from an eating disorder clinically safe
  • Developing therapeutic skills that will help you connect with your patients with eating disorders
  • Knowing when to refer a patient to a higher level of care
  • Understanding and managing the clinical symptoms of an eating disorder
  • Learning to work with the healthcare team to support your patient with an eating disorder
  • Knowing how to bill insurance for eating disorder clients and which services are typically covered

If this sounds like you- let’s chat!

Private Practice Basics For Dietitians

As an eating disorder dietitian for the last decade with my own private practice I can assist you with:

  • Contracting with major insurance companies
  • Which codes are likely to be reimbursed by which insurance companies
  • Types of NPIs
  • Setting up systems and procedures in your practices
  • Networking and niching down
  • Using social media to grow your audience
  • Private vs. state-pay insurances
  • Virtual vs. physical private practices
  • Primary, secondary, and revised claim submission
  • Choosing an EHR system
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Building a website

I specialize in helping dietitians who want to open practices focused on eating disorders/disordered eating. However, if you have a different specialty, I will still be able to help you build a practice and contract with insurance if you choose.

Working With Someone Under The Influence of an ED

Let’s face it… getting your first eating disorder client can feel scary as f*ck.

The person sitting across from you is likely:

  • Terrified, frustrated, and grieving a loss of identity
  • Resistant to seeking care or being forced to see you (think our teens)
  • Full of doubt as to whether recovery is possible
  • Deciding what they will and won’t tell you to keep their habits safe
  • In denial that they’re sick enough to be there
  • Might not be able to fully disclose their habits as their eating disorder has likely distorted their behavior
  • Doesn’t really trust you
  • Scared to lose their eating disorder while simultaneously terrified that they will fail at recovery

Eating disorder care involves a careful balance of slowly building trust with patients while simultaneously managing the clinical symptoms of an urgent life-threatening condition.

Working with someone with an eating disorder often comes with lots of tears and difficult emotions, particularly on the first visit. Some of these emotions can be experienced by both the provider and the patient.

Getting Started

I am currently providing 1:1 support for clinicians who want to start their own private practice and/or become more competent in eating disorder treatment.

  • 55-minute consultation: $200
  • Monthly Private practice and ED Support (weekly session & email support): $500/month

To get started simply schedule a consultation below. You can choose at the time of our consultation whether you just want to do a single session or a monthly package. You will not be charged until the session is completed.

If at the time of our session, you decide we are not a good fit for one another, no problem! I won’t charge you if you do not feel you have gotten value from the session.

Please note I am not a CEDRD and our work together will not count officially as supervision for the CEDRD credential. I’m simply an RD who has worked extensively with eating disorders for nearly a decade.

As someone who lost 15 years of my life to an eating disorder, I have made it my mission to spread awareness and effective treatment strategies across the globe.