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Eating Disorder Recovery Books and Resources

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Sometimes it is difficult to know where to turn to get support when we are facing an eating disorder. These eating disorder recovery books, social media accounts, and podcasts are an excellent way to stay connected with those that have gone before you in recovering from diet culture.

These recovery resources are an excellent way to practice strategies such as:

and so much more. There are so many excellent eating disorder recovery books, each of which may be appropriate at different levels of your recovery journey. I would encourage you to read and re-read your favorite books as you transition through your eating disorder recovery journey.

Eating disorder recovery books can easily be accessed as

  • A physical hard copy
  • An audiobook
  • A kindle book
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There are so many options of consuming these books these days it is a great way to continue to feel supported even in the darkest hours of eating disorder recovery.

The podcasts and instagram accounts are also excellent tools to utilize to stay connected to like minded people and support systems throughout your recovery.

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My Favorite Eating Disorder Recovery Books

Reminder: The links below are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

The Body Is Not An Apology

This books takes us on the journey of what it means to have radical self love. This cultural critic examines the way in which we are taught to loath our bodies, shrink our bodies, and utilize weight stigma as a form of oppression. We are walked through a journey that allows us to learn to come home to our bodies and develop body trust. We are taught to stop apologizing to the world for showing up in our bodies exactly as they are meant to be.

This book is primarily geared towards adults but could benefit teens as well. It is great for any stage in recovery.

Anti-Diet: Reclaim Your Time, Money, Wellbeing and Happiness Through Intuitive Eating

Dive into the historical and cultural roots of diet culture. A radical, evidence based analysis to dissecting the way that we perceive weight and health and our culture. Learn how dieting starts to chip away at our sense of self, and the pervasive way in which it integrates itself into every aspect of our lives. A new look at the way we view weight and body image.

This book is primarily geared towards adult and may be best suited for those a little further along in healing their relationship with food and their bodies.

Intuitive Eating Workbook

I really enjoyed this workbook as a more hands on approach in intuitive eating. Intuitive eating can be a difficult concept to grasp at first as it relates to our personal lives. This book has practical activities which will help YOU examine your relationship with your own dieting history and body story.

This book is great for adults but I would recommend working through some of the activities with your healthcare team. Especially if you are new to the HAES movement.

Intuitive Eating Workbook For Teens

This book helps teens struggling with eating to have a hands on approach to understanding weight bias and fear foods. Evidence based and offers anecdotal accounts that are relatable to teens. Skill building that doesn’t feel overwhelming for the young.

While this book is geared towards teens, everyone can benefit.

The Fuck It Diet

One woman’s personal and powerful journey of dieting and recovering from dieting. The author highlights how the diet industry is in the game to make money and keep us feeling inadequate. She goes into some evidence as to why diets constantly fail us. This very direct and comical narrative will help you to explore alternatives to dieting in an easy to digest manner.

The book is best for adults and is an easy transition into breaking free from diet culture.

Wasted: A Memoir of Anorexia And Bulimia

This book is a memoir of one individuals journey through eating disorder recovery. Honest and heart wrenching. Open, honest, and heart wrenching. For anyone that wants to experience a glimpse of what someone with an eating disorder truly endures. This book is excellent for those supporting someone with an eating disorder or those who currently have a disordered relationship with food.

While this book is good for teens in adults, there are MANY triggers and it may not be best for someone deep into an eating disorder. It also could potentially rigger someone well into recovery.

Sick Enough

This excellent book is less about eating disorder recovery, and more about the actual physical manifestations that occur when someone is suffering from an eating disorder and beyond. It is written by a medical doctor who focuses exclusively on eating disorder work. Discusses the risks, assessment procedures, and treatment procedures of those with eating disorders.

This book is excellent for professionals in the field of eating disorders. While some struggling with an eating disorder may benefit from this book – it is important to know that eating disorders often have a tendency to want to “rationalize their way out” of an eating disorder. If you are seeking out facts to try to fix an eating disorder, this may not be the right book for you in this moment in your journey.

Fearing The Black Body

Excellent and thoroughly researched read about the evolution of fatphobia in our culture. The author explores over 200 years of oppression of females which has its roots in racism. The text explores how the idea that “fatness is bad” did not originate from from medical research but rather ties fatness to “savagery” and racial inferiority.

A great book for adults and teens. Some parts do contain heavy research which may lose the attention of younger individuals.

Life Without Ed

This book tells the story about what eating disorder recovery is like through Jenni and her therapist. Humor is included through the book making it an easy read. Jenni goes through her journey of recovery describing the voice of ed and the voice of her healthy self. She describes how these two voices compete and the noise it creates. This book also offers simple healing strategies when it comes to eating disorder recovery.

Great for both teens and adults in any stage of recovery.

Goodbye Ed, Hello Me: Recover From Your Eating Disorder And Fall In Love With Life

A follow up from Jenni to Life without Ed. This book explores what its like to be in a place the author would consider “recovered” rather than “in recovery” as described in her former text life without ED. Humor and honesty carry the narrative. An excellent text for those feeling like a full recovery from an eating disorder is simply impossible.

Great for teens and adults.


This book explores one woman’s powerful journey through both restrictive and binge eating. This book challenges the idea of perfectionism and is narrated from a place of raw honesty. Speaks to those struggling with an eating disorder in a voice that will hit the core of the issues.

Appropriate for teens and adults. However, there may be some triggering language/experiences used in this book so readers should proceed with caution.

Love Warrior

This book illustrates one woman’s journey in recovery from alcoholism and bulimia. One of the rare finds that combines the recovery journey of two addictions. As substance abuse and eating disorders frequently go hand in hand, this journey illustrates some of the hurdles with both addictions.

Best for adults in recovery.

ED Recovery Books For Pregnancy

Eating Disorder Recovery In Pregnancy and Postpartum

This book includes research, humor, and empathy. A benefit for ALL postpartum mothers, but a real gem for anyone that has ever struggled with their relationship with their bodies or food. We can often get lost in the noise of diet culture through pregnancy and postpartum as our body is changing in ways that seem completely unfamiliar and sometimes downright scary. Includes self care tips to support you on this journey of transformation.

Best for those struggling with eating who are planning to conceive, pregnant, or postpartum.

Mom in the Mirror

Examines body image and beauty standards in an appearance based world during the life transformation to parenthood. Compassion, empathy, personal stories, and professional advice for healing our relationship with our changing bodies is provided in this book. An excellent read for anyone struggling with the body and life changes that go along with becoming a parent.

Best for those struggling with eating who are planning to conceive, pregnant, or postpartum.

Binge Eating Books

These books include topics such as what it’s like to experience a binge, hoarding food, or a binge restrict cycle. They cover the topic of binge eating from personal experience and/or scientific research approaches. All these texts explore binge eating from a HAES, non-diet approach.

Reminder: The links below are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Questions And Answers About Binge Eating Disorder: A Guide For Clinicians

Science-based book which explores binge eating disorder. Written by a physician who walks us through some of the reasons why we binge. Goes through some of the common misconceptions and helpful treatment measures for binge eating disorder. It also goes into details as to why this disorder is so commonly misdiagnosed.

The Binge Code

This book offers unique coping strategies for binge eating disorders, a cultural analysis of dieting, and strategies for making peace with the body. Great tips for navigating negative emotions surrounding food. Learn to enjoy life without a constant food obsession.

Great for adults, teens, and professionals.

Binge Eating Disorder: The Journey To Recovery and Beyond

This book offers both a personal perspective on binge eating disorder and examines the disorder from the lens of a professional. The authors critically analyze cultural contributions to binge eating, trauma surrounding binge eating, and strategies for healing our body image.

Great for adults with binge eating and professionals.

Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat For Binge Eating

This book helps readers to kick start their understanding that binge eating has nothing to do with a lack of willpower and discipline. Examines ways to reject dieting and heal the relationship with food. This book shares personal stories of those with binge eating and their journey to recovery.

This book is great for adults, teens and professionals. Easy to read.

Beyond A Shadow Of A Diet

This book is geared towards clinicians but is also easy to interpret for anyone experiencing binge eating disorder. Uses a science-based approach to examine what is happening to the body when you experience binge eating. Also provides tips to make peace with food, and heal the relationship with the body.

This book is great for adults and clinicians.

Meaning Full: 23 Life-Changing Stories of Conquering Dieting, Weight and Body Image

This book shares powerful stories of people that have gone through and overcome binge eating disorders. It explores what it is like to have an eating disorder personally, as well as to support a loved one with an eating disorder. Easy to relate to while also bringing in scientific evidence to support theories discussed.

Great for adults, teens and professionals.

My Favorite Healing From Eating Disorder Podcasts

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I’m going to be honest, whenever i’m having a bad eating day I just plug in one of these podcasts and I suddenly feel like my soul is soothed.

Here is a list of my favorite eating disorder recovery podcasts:

Eating Disorder Recovery and HAES Aligned Instagram Accounts

HAES instagram accounts of those identifying as living in fat bodies

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