Vegan Fried Chicken

The nice (and lets admit a little frightening) thing about chicken is- it's very easy to dress up as an imposter!   Haven't you ever heard the term "tastes like chicken" which tends to be all inclusive for food choices that in all reality we're actually just unsure of how to describe the taste? 

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Chickpea Mash Sammie

Remember when lunch time was the coolest hour of the day?  It still can be! Get ready to indulge in the best sammie you've ever put in your mouth. Period.  I created this chickea mash sammie out of desperation for vegan driven lunches on the go that didn't SUCK!  It exceeded expectations! 

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Pumpkin Nice Cream

It's probably difficult to imagine yourself at the beach missing your favorite sticky snack so nicely packaged in its edible sugary shell. It was for me too.  That's why I invented this pumpkin nice cream- for the those scorching days when the promises of vegan suddenly started to look draining!

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