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Go Further With Food! Food Waste Facts
food waste facts by a dietitian

Go Further With Food! Food Waste Facts

Eat your food! The moment this mantra screams in my head, I picture Napoleon Dynamite Tossing a healthy portion of slop at his defiant llama Tina. For those of you who haven’t seen this gem of a film, my apologies. Spoiler alert- Tina doesn’t eat it.

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Grocery Store Aisle Guru

If only produce could speak, we might hear “we can reduce your risk of developing cancer by close to 50%,” or “we can help reduce your blood pressure by piling on the fiber to bring that nasty cholesterol back to your liver to be put to good use.”  But food can’t talk.  Fresh produce cannot speak in so many words.  However, that doesn’t stop the inside aisles from boasting the glory of their wonder-work synthetic concoctions all over the grocery through hyped up advertisement.

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