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Mango Quinoa Coconut Cereal
mango quinoa coconut cereal

Mango Quinoa Coconut Cereal

How old were you when you stopped to consider the actual definition of cereal?  Five?  Five minutes ago (I won't tell)? This quinoa coconut cereal will do more than make you salivate.  It provides answers to some of the age old questions that never seemed important until we just began discussing details. 

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No Egg Tofu & Veggie Scramble Open Faced Sammie

When manufacturers talk you into "egg whites," They're talking you into paying a higher price for half the goods.  I mean quite literally-half the egg is missing! Egg tofu doesn't lie like that. In fact- tofu is not egg. It is not part of egg.  But it can certainly trick you into thinking it is in this recipe!

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