How Can A Dietitian Help With Diabetes?

diabetes education may include carbohydrate counting
RDs provide diabetes education support
Balance choices through diabetes education

Diabetes can be a life changing diagnosis. Diabetes education which incorporates the most current research can help you implement new skills for diabetes self management. Nutrition counseling focused on diabetes education helps to support patients in living an active healthy lifestyle. Diabetes education can also vastly reduce risks of co-morbidity associated with diabetes or diabetes related complications.

Diabetes education can help you choose foods to manage blood sugars


Proper nutrition education can be one of the key ways in reducing health risks as well as costs associated with diabetes. Managing diabetes can be tricky. I encourage patients to look at diabetes as a skill. Through diabetes education we will examine one skill at a time and why it is important. I can support you with small changes to incorporate into your every day routine to make managing diabetes realistic.

We may not see all of the ways in which a diabetes diagnosis may influence our lives immediately. Appropriate diabetes education with a registered dietitian may help to reduce the amount of medications mandated as well as potentially reduce amount of hospital admissions for diabetes related complications. While health benefits are clearly the greatest reward, there are many financial reasons to develop good diabetes self management skills as well.

plate with all food groups
choose more whole foods through diabetes education


Food is an incredible way help patients control diabetes naturally and take charge of their health. Diabetes can impact nearly every body organ. Understanding diabetes can help individuals manage diabetes through diet and exercise. This can help you lead a positive and fulfilling lifestyle with a diabetes diagnosis.

If you are someone newly diagnosed with diabetes, or even if you have been managing diabetes for years it may be tempting to scope out that one magic diabetic diet food list. I like to emphasize to clients that all foods can fit into a diabetic diet, and dismiss the idea of good foods and bad foods for diabetes. Nutrition education for diabetics can simply ensure that these foods fit onto your plate in the right portion size and in the right time.


A dietitian will examine diabetes medications and discuss carbohydrate requirements.  I will work with you to create a plan that works for you. We will examine blood sugar levels for diabetes and influences on blood sugar levels. As a registered dietitian I can support you if your doctor has diagnosed you with pre-diabetes, gestational diabetes, type I or type II diabetes. If you have diabetes in addition to other health concerns, or are managing diabetes related complications these will be incorporated into your nutrition counseling plan.

How I can Support You through Diabetes Education:

  • One on one diabetes education nutrition counseling

  • Deciphering normal hemoglobin a1c levels

  • Symptoms of low blood sugars 

  • Carbohydrate assessment for diabetes

  • Calculation of BMI

  • Losing weight with diabetes (where applicable)

  • dietary recommendations for diabetes

  • Diabetes education for carbohydrate counting

  • blood glucose targets

  • Safety considerations food diabetes mellitus

  • Management of food & medications

  • Applicable diabetes education handouts

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